A series of repeated incidents (3 or more) that causes a fear of physical injury and/or significant mental anguish or distress to a person close to them.

Stalking Tactics

  • Sending unwanted text messages.
  • Driving by the home at all hours
  • Approaching and forcing a conversation
  • Posting intimate pictures or false statements to damage reputation
  • Posting untrue or cruel messages on Social media
  • Damaging the car or other property
  • Sending spam or emails
  • Showing up and/or waiting at a place of work
  • Making relentless phone calls
  • Social media posting of untrue or cruel messages (repeated)

Early Intervention

It is critically important for First responders (and everyone else involved) to listen to stalking victims, be patient with them, allow them to tell their story and believe them! Stalking is one of the few crimes where Early Intervention can prevent violence and death!