Our beautiful angel Veronica Louise Sacco came into this world on March 11, 1992. From the time she was a little girl, she had the innate ability to light up the world of those around her. At age 12, after her family noticed her keen interest in dance, they enrolled her in Arthur Murray School of Dance to study ballroom dance. She lovingly referred to her primary instructor Viktoria as her “Sensi”, and her partners Emmanuel, Jason, Matthew, and so many more as her true friends.

Her family knew of her passion for dance, but they were not ready for what Veronica was about to become – extraordinary. In her short dance career, Veronica. with her various partners went on to win 14 National Championships and 3 World Gold Championships by the age of 17. Veronica’s list of accomplishments is not enough to describe her power and talent as a dancer: When she stepped on a dance floor, she owned it!

After years of training and championship wins, At age 18. Veronica was very excited to take her first professional dance instructor job in Phoenix, Arizona. Sadly, in her first year of employment, she experienced a violent sexual assault not related to her work. Trying to cope with the trauma of this event, she resorted to illegal drugs. After spiraling downward for a few months, she gathered her strength, quit her job, and moved to Ohio, her birth state where she had a strong support system consisting of her family and friends.

In Ohio, Veronica voluntarily entered a rehab program and completed it successfully. After this chain of unfortunate events, Veronica got back on her feet and started a new life. This is when she met the love of her life and the father of her first daughter. Coping with her past trauma proved too difficult a task for the young parents and they separated. Veronica continued to struggle with trauma and addiction for the next several years, however, she remained in contact with her family in Florida. In 2018, Veronica found out she was pregnant and voluntarily entered a nine-month rehabilitation program for abused women that additionally offered substance abuse counselling.

Successfully completing the program, Veronica relocated to Florida to raise her daughter with the help of her family and rekindle her passion for dance. This was a happy time for Veronica. She stayed clean of drugs and alcohol for over three years, raised her youngest daughter with the help of her family. Her life was clear, promising, and happy until she met “him” in the fall of 2020.

Within the span of a few weeks, he was consuming all her time. That behavior escalated through the holidays and into the new year. Veronica’s friends and family became concerned about the isolated nature of the relationship and Veronica’s sobriety. Unfortunately, her every move was being managed by her abuser and she stayed with him. Family and friends witnessed that Veronica was not allowed to go anywhere without “him” or make personal decisions for herself.

As the abuse became more unbearable, Veronica began to discuss with her Family and friends about ways to end the relationship and recommit to her sobriety. Veronica made plans to get an apartment with a girlfriend. Veronica decided to convince “him” that she should have lunch alone with her sister and Dad on his birthday, April 14th. She spoke to her dad on the phone, and they made this plan. Unfortunately, April 12, would be the last time Veronica would speak to her dad. She disappeared after that call.

Veronica’s body was found twelve days later, abandoned, mutilated, wrapped in a blue tarp, clear plastic, and white cloth. A land surveyor found her remains on the side of an isolated dirt road with a large toy car covering her. After her remains were discovered, DNA was taken from her Mother and Daughter to confirm her identity. The Medical Examiner’s report determined that she was shot SIX times, with a 9mm automatic handgun in her face, neck, and chest.   

Her murderer fled the State of Florida and was apprehended seven weeks later in Georgia while hiding in a motel with another female. He was extradited and is currently awaiting trial in the Orange County Jail for charges of second-degree murder with a firearm, tampering with physical evidence, and interfering with a dead body.

Veronica is survived by a world made lesser without her, including two beautiful daughters.

We honor Veronica for the beautiful angel that she was a bold light that came to this world to brighten the lives of those around her. We memorialize her glowing spirit and deep passion for life and dance while remembering her with her own words:

Dance is my sanctuary…my escape…When I dance, I am free

Veronica XOXO 2021